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This website, owned and operated by Br. Tom Murphy, includes links to biographical information about Wendell Berry, interviews, reviews of Berry's books, title lists, a link to a Wendell Berry discussion list, and much more.

Essays by Wendell
The Failure of War
Wendell Berry's essay " The Failure of War" was published in the Winter 2001/2002 issue of YES! Magazine. The essay was subsequently posted at CommonGround.org.

The Agrarian Standard
"The Agrarian Standard" was published in Orion Magazine in 2002; this is an abridged version.

Interviews with Wendell
How can a family 'live at the center of its own attention?'
Holly Brockman interviewed Wendell Berry for the January/February 2006 issue of New Southerner, an online quarterly. The interview, "How can a family 'live at the center of its own attention'? Wendell Berry’s thoughts on the good life,"can be found here.

Field Observations
"Field Observations: An Interview with Wendell Berry" by Jordan Fisher-Smith was originally published in the Autumn 1993 issue of Orion Magazine.

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